When should lead roofing be replaced?

Here’s a fun fact for you! Did you know that most buildings that have been erected in the last 100 years have some form of lead sheet installed?

Lead is highly versatile and has been used in roofing for years. This is because it’s not only easy to source, but it is cost-effective, highly durable and water resistant. However, over time the elements do what they do best and erode away the performance of your lead roof. If you’ve noticed that your lead roofing is starting to look a little tired, then it might be time for you to replace it.

Lead, as we’ve mentioned is highly durable, and there are cases where it has lasted over 200 years! However, the life span can unfortunately be reduced quite significantly if it is poorly installed. If the claddings and flashings are in good condition, then it’s possible you will only need spot maintenance carried out, rather than a whole new lead roof.


What to look out for with your lead roof

There are many typical problems that occur with a lead roof, this could be due to old age or due to bad installation. Some of the key things to look out for are:

  • Damage – This could have been caused by sharp debris piercing the lead
  • Corrosion pinholes – This is caused by acid run off from algae, moss and some types of wood leading to condensation dampness due to poor ventilation under the lead (an increasing problem as we keep our homes warmer).
  • Lead Buckling – If you can see cracks or buckling in your lead roof, this could lead to interior water damage when rain seeps through. Leaks can cause major issues such as damp, mould and damage to your property such as the decay of roofing timbers.
  • Cracking – from being laid in such a way that the metal cannot move as it expands and contracts as temperature changes
  • Moss growth – You may think that moss is harmless, but it can damage your roof through due to moisture


How long should lead roofing last?

On average, lead roofing is considered to last at least 60 years, with some examples lasting over 100 years.


Are you in need of Lead Roofing services?

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