Lead is one of the most common materials used in roofing construction today. Its durability and weather resistance makes it ideal for many high-rise buildings, with efficiency in thermal contraction and expansion as well. However, lead is notorious for being a dangerous and potentially toxic metal if handled incorrectly, introducing the need for lead roofing contractors. 

Lead roofing contractors are highly skilled in handling and dealing with lead roofing, lead flashing and many more styles of lead work. They understand that this material requires special equipment and protective gear when being used, and are the ideal choice when needing all kinds of lead work. 

But how do you hire lead roofing contractors, and when might you need them? Well, we’ve put together a Silk Leadwork guide to hiring our roofing specialists. 

When would I need a lead roofing contractor? 

Lead roofing contractors may come in handy if you’re looking to: 

Repair your lead roof

It’s unlikely that a lead roof will need completely replacing, so repairs often do the trick. If you’re experiencing issues with your lead roofs such as flashing problems, leaks, a deteriorating chimney or poor guttering, it may be time for a repair. Lead roofing contractors are experienced in handling these repairs and can do so both safely and efficiently.

Damp-proof your chimney

Chimneys on most modern buildings are constructed with a lead tray built into the chimney stack. The purpose of this is to damp-proof your chimney, preventing water from getting into the structure and foundations of your home. If you’re planning the construction of residential homes, it is worth looking into lead DPC trays. 

Restore an old or listed building

Buildings over 100 years old will likely have been constructed using lead. Whether it is found in the guttering, pipework or on the roof, any repairs will require a lead roofing contractor. These buildings may also have restrictions on upgrades and replacements when it comes to construction, so you may require the use of lead for further restoration. 

Parapets, lead flashing, cornices, cladding and spires are just some of the additional services we offer at Silk Leadwork, all of which are handled by our lead roofing contractors. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we do and how we can help. 

How to hire a lead roofing contractor

If you require a lead roofing contractor, all you need to do is contact Silk Leadwork. Let us know what you’re planning and what you need help with, construction-wise, and we can get our highly-skilled and experienced lead roofers on the job. 

Our staff have extensive experience on numerous high-end projects, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Palace and the Royal Albert Hall, but are experts in small residential designs as well. So whatever lead work you require, we have the right people for it. 
To hire lead roofing contractors with Silk Leadwork, or for answers to any of your lead roofing questions, please get in touch.