A lead roofing contractor is a highly trained, skilled and experienced individual who works to repair lead roofing issues. Lead roofing contractors utilise lead for its durability against the elements and for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. These contractors have years of experience within the leadwork field and are passionate about their commitment to clients. They work to solve lead roofing issues, providing solutions to customers across the UK. 

A lead roofing contractors job description includes: 

  • Fitting lead roofs
  • Sealing roof joints
  • Welding, cladding and bossing
  • Completing repairs and restorations 
  • Fitting lead flashings to chimneys and walls
  • Work on turrets, spires, steeples and domes

This is not the full extent of their role, as lead roofing contractors will adapt their skills to each individual project. 

When would I need a lead roofing contractor?

Lead roofing contractors can help should you need your lead roof repairing, restoring or replacing completely. Contractors can resolve the issue and leave your property with a fully functional lead roof. They ensure your roofing structure is compliant with current building regulations and health & safety standards.

You may also need a lead roofing contractor if your current construction project requires an element of lead roofing. This could be the construction of any structure that includes turrets, spires, steeples or domes, a new church for example. Lead roofing contractors will assist with these structures, ensuring any projects are completed to a high standard. Silk Leadwork’s roofing contractors have experience in this field, working on projects such as The Tower of London and The Royal Albert Hall. 

Hiring a lead roofing contractor

Before you hire your lead roofing contractor, ensure they are fully aware of your project and your individual requirements. Get all your questions answered before you make a decision. You can easily hire a lead roofing contractor with Silk Leadwork. We provide skilled and experienced contractors for every project, only completing work to a high standard.

When hiring a lead roofing contractor, ensure you are happy with your quote and time frame before continuing. If your contractor offers a warranty, make sure to check what it covers and how long for. Smoothing out all these details before hiring your lead roofing contractor can greatly improve your experience and can even reduce the project’s time frame. 


How Silk Leadwork can help

Silk Leadwork is a leadwork specialist company that undertakes all other aspects of roofing work. Silk Leadwork can help match you with the perfect lead roofing contractor for your project, ensuring all your roofing requirements are met. 

We will repair, restore, replace or construct your lead roof to the highest standards, complying with current UK building regulations and codes. As an added bonus, the lead we use is 100% recyclable. So not only are you receiving an outstanding lead roofing service, but your choice is also helping the environment. 

Contact Silk Leadwork for our lead roofing contractor service, or visit our Lead Roofing service page for more information. We are dedicated to providing lasting roofs that will stand the test of time for every client.