Here at Silk Leadwork, we understand that every customer will have questions when hiring a roofing contractor in Princes Risborough, and we aim to answer as many as possible to reassure every client with their roofing contractor choices. 

Q. When can you schedule my project?

  1. With Silk Leadwork, we will schedule and start your roofing project based on our availability. We will work with you to organise the ideal time for all parties and aim to schedule your project as soon as possible. We prioritise emergency roofing, fixing any immediate issues as soon as we can, so you aren’t left in the lurch. Contact us to schedule your roofing project in Princes Risborough and hire us as your roofing contractor. 

Q. How much will it cost?

  1. The cost of roofing will depend on the extent of the project in Princes Risborough and how much work needs doing. Silk Leadwork will provide each client with a quote before any work commences. Our quotes are individually tailored to each project and will only change if we face unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, we will keep you informed throughout the process, keeping you updated with costs and the level of work that needs to be done. 

Q. How long will the work take? 

  1. The time needed to complete your roofing project in Princes Risborough all depends on the extent of the damage, what needs replacing, and what materials are needed. To tear off and replace a roof takes around a day to complete, but as we are reliant on weather conditions, this time frame could increase. Once we have discussed the details of your project, Silk Leadwork will be able to provide you with an estimated time for completion. 

Q. Do you offer a warranty? 

  1. The majority of roofing contractors in Princes Risborough offer 2-year warranties with any roofing work, making them responsible for any labour or material defects within that time frame. Some contractors offer warranties for up to 5, 10, and 25 years. Contact Silk Leadwork for more information on our roofing warranty. 

Q. Is a building permit required for my project? 

  1. A permit may be required for your project, depending on the size of the area being fixed and the type of repairs. If there is significant structural damage, or the entire roof needs replacing, it is likely you will need a building permit. It is always worth checking with your local council first before repairs begin, as many homeowners in Princes Risborough get caught out. Simple repairs won’t need permission, but keep permits in mind if your roofing project is more complicated.  

Q. How will the rest of my house be protected? 

  1. At Silk Leadwork, each of our roofing contractors in Princes Risborough are experienced individuals who are highly trained in roofing repairs. They ensure all work is completed to a high standard and won’t disturb the foundations of your home. We also complete an internal roofing inspection, done within the home, to check for any critical warning signs of water leaks or damage.

If you have any additional questions about Silk Leadwork’s roofing contractor service in Princes Risborough, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or visit our Lead Roofing Contractors service page for more information.